What can we do in Greens Beach?

  • Go for a long peaceful walk along Greens Beach, with views of the Tamar River and Low Head lighthouse.  You can walk all the way to Clarence Point, which takes about two hours return.  Stop off at Greens Beach Cafe for a coffee on the way back.  Nev will make you a lovely flat white, and some delicious local fish and chips if you're hungry.
  • Walk in the other direction from Greens Beach along the coastal trail through Narawntapu National Park to the lookout at West Head, which takes about three hours return.  The trail passes several even more secluded beaches where you can swim and relax in absolute privacy.  From February through April you can feast on an abundant supply of wild blackberries along the way.
  • Play a round of golf at the picturesque nine-hole golf course at Greens Beach Golf Course
  • Take an easy ten minute drive to West Head and walk the five kilometer stretch of deserted beach to Badger Head and back.  The beach is totally surrounded by national park and is often wild and windswept.  It's an invigorating walk.
  • Drive fifteen minutes to Beauty Point and enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at the River Cafe overlooking the Tamar River.  While in Beauty Point, check out Platypus House for the opportunity to see these fascinating and rarely seen creatures close up in their underwater habitat.
  • Explore the dozens of wineries along the Tamar Valley between Greens Beach and Launceston.
  • Drive to Low Head (about 50 minutes) just before dusk to view the penguins coming ashore.  (best to book at Low Head Penguin Tours
  • Sit on the veranda at Greens Beach SOLARHOME, enjoying absolute serenity while watching the wallabies peacefully grazing on the lawn, and gazing at the moon and stars in one of the clearest night skies you'll see anywhere.

What's so special about the SOLARHOME?

When a car manufacturer releases a revolutionary new model that uses absolutely no petrol, gas, or oil, never has to be plugged in for charging, has an unlimited range, and simply requires a new battery every twenty years, it will be considered a game changer.  This is essentially what the SOLARHOME is.  These days there are plenty of 'sustainable/eco/net-zero-carbon' houses around, but look closely and you'll find that they are all either connected to and dependent on a fossil-fuel-powered grid (which  is increasingly unreliable and expensive, and certainly not emission free) and/or use diesel, petrol, gas, coal, or wood fires for heating, cooking, hot water, and backup generators.  Greens Beach SOLARHOME is all-electric and has all the comfort, conveniences, and appliances expected of a modern home, yet it is powered 100% by fully recyclable solar-charged batteries 100% of the time, throughout the year, even during a cold Tasmanian winter.  The power system was designed and installed by award winning Tasmanian company Mode Electrical.  It has zero emissions (direct or indirect), zero utility bills, and requires zero maintenance.  Most 'experts' will tell you this can't be done with current technology.  The SOLARHOME is living proof that with good design and very few compromises, this could be (and hopefully will be) how all houses are built in the not-too-distant future.  For more detailed information and details about the SOLARHOME design, visit The SOLARHOME Project.